Professional and Leadership Development

Peace Corps Prep students must avail themselves of Resume and Interview Support & complete a Leadership Activity.

International development is a highly professional sector. Mason students will be required to complete at least two of the following*:

  1. Have your resume critiqued by a Career Services Advisor
  2. Attend an interviewing workshop or conduct a practice interview through Career Services.
  3. Meet with a Career Services Advisor about searching for internships.

Mason students will be required to complete at least one of the following**:

  1. At least one semester (15 weeks) in a leadership position (officer-level) in a student registered organization
  2. At least one semester (15 weeks) of serving in a peer leader/mentor role (e.g., TA, Resident Advisor, Patriot Leader, Leadership Consultant)
  3. At least one semester (15 weeks) on an advisory board (e.g., International Student Advisory Board, Community Adjudication Board, Honor Committee)
  4. At least one semester (15 weeks) in a management/supervisory role in a professional/work environment (e.g., Shift Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Team Lead)

*Note: All of these requirements are met if students take a career course (e.g., UNIV 320-Internship Search and Career Readiness; UNIV 420-College to Career; NCLC 420 Work Effectiveness Skills)

**If the work-sector experience that students use to qualify category 1 includes a leadership component, the experience can satisfy both requirements—work-sector and leadership; however if the work-sector experience does not include a leadership component, students will need an additional demonstration of leadership skills.